Working with the GingerFeet Event Calendars (Via CiviCRM & Drupal Views)

GingerFeet delivers with three pre-built event calendars that merge CiviCRM events with Drupal 'Views' to create grid-based calendar layouts.

Each calendar filters the events displayed based on the Event Types you create in CiviCRM (Administer -> CiviEvent -> Event Types) and the filters configured in the Drupal 'View' (Site Building -> Views -> List). (See Managing Events Using CiviEvents for instructions on creating event types and Edit Drupal Calendar View Filters below for instructions on editing the Drupal Calendar Views.)

NOTE: If you do not wish to use the grid-based calendars, you can create an event listing by copying the event URL into a normal Drupal page.

ADDITIONAL EVENT CALENDARS: If you would like additional event calendars for your site, contact us at There is a $125 fee for each additional calendar type created.

What are the Pre-Built Event Calendars?

The three pre-built calendars are:

  1. Construction Calendar (Menu path: Volunteer -> Construction Calendar)

    This calendar displays volunteer opportunities that are associated with your house/build/project event types.

    By default, GingerFeet pre-builds an Event Type called 'YourFirstBuild.' When your development site is delivered to you, change this event type to the house/build/project you are currently working on (and create as many more as needed). You will use this (these) event types for filtering purposes in the Drupal View for this calendar. 

    These event types are also used for tracking your volunteer hours.

  2. ReStore Calendar (Menu path: Volunteer -> ReStore -> ReStore Calendar)

    This calendar displays volunteer opportunities that are associated with your ReStore volunteer opportunities and the 'ReStore' event type. If you do not have a ReStore, or do not wish to utilize this calendar, disable the menu item (Site Building -> Menus -> List -> Primary Menus).

  3. Events Calendar (Menu path: Events on Secondary Menu)

    This calendar displays general events such as fundraisers, conferences, etc. -- all other events besides your construction volunteer opportunities or your ReStore volunteer opportunities.

    You can create as many event types as you need for your organization. When you create a new event type, you must edit the Drupal Calendar View appropriately (Instructions below).

Edit Drupal Calendar View Filters

As you add event types for your houses/builds/projects or for general events (say 'golf tournament' or '5-K Run' - whatever your organization needs) you will have to edit the View filter for either the Construction Calendar or the Events Calendar appropriately (unless you add ReStore event types, you will not need to edit this calendar).

  1. Login to your site.
  2. Navigate Site Building -> Views -> List.
  3. Click the Edit link for the appropriate calendar.
    1. Title: Construction Calendar -- HFH CiviCRM Construction Calendar
    2. Title: Events Calendar -- HFH CiviCRM Events Calendar
  4. With the Defaults tab (on the left) selected, click the CiviCRM Events: Event Type link on the right under Filters.

    Adding an Event Type to the Drupal View Filter

  5. Scroll down a bit and you'll see a Configure filter section.
    1. Check any additional event types you want to display on this calendar.
    2. Click the Update button.
  6. Click the Save button.

IMPORTANT!Clicking the Update button saves the changes you just made to the filter. To complete the process and save the entire view, you HAVE to click the Save button.

Add an Event to a Calendar

As long as an event type is included in a calendar view, any event created AND MADE PUBLIC will appear on its corresponding calendar.

To make an event public:

  1. On the Titles and Settings configuration page (when creating a new event, the first page), check the Public Event? checkbox at the bottom of the page.

    Making an Event Appear on the Calendar