Working with Content: Create, Add, Delete

Create a New Page and Add it to a Menu

  1. In the Administration Menu across the top of your screen, select Content Management → Create Content → Page. The page now displays the Create Page form.
  2. Type the title for the new page in the Title field.
  3. Find Menu Settings under the Title Bar. This is a box with setting options, but it is collapsed by default.
  4. Click Menu Settings to expand the box and view the options.
  5. Type the name you want displayed on the menu in the Menu Link Title field. What you type in this field will be what appears on the menu.
  6. In the Parent Item bar below, use the drop-down menu to select the menu (Navigation, Primary Links, Secondary Links) and level for your new menu item. If you select Navigation, it will display at the main level of site navigation links. If you want it under one of the existing topics, select that topic from the drop-down menu.
  7. Fill in the box under Weight. Numbers with a negative sign in front (-10) will float up toward the top of your menu list. Numbers with a positive sign in front (+10) will drop-down toward the bottom of your menu list. If you want to over-ride the alphabetical order of menu items, set the Weight by using the drop-down arrow and choosing a new setting.
  8. Under Metatags, click the drop-down menu to open the box.
  9. Type in keywords that describe your content in the Keywords box. NOTE: These are words people might use when using a search engine like Google to find your site.
  10. Under Description, fill in a short description of your page. NOTE: To optimize your site for search engines, make sure your keywords are part of your description.
  11. Under URL path settings, fill in the title of your page. If your new page is an element you are listing under an existing page, list the parent item followed by a slash and then the name of your page. (Example: Your Main page/Parent item might be Books and now you add a Sub item/sub category of Romance. Your URL path setting: books/romance).
  12. In the Body field enter your new page content. For assistance using the text editor, see What's a WYSIWIG Text Editor?
  13. Click the Preview button to view your changes.
  14. Check that the page displays correctly.
  15. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  16. Click the Save button to save your new page.

Create a New Page and Add It To The Menu

Add, Edit or Delete Content

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to edit. You'll see two links at the top of the page: View & Edit.
  2. Click on Edit. The page now opens in edit mode.
  3. In the Body field, make changes to your content.
  4. Click the Preview button to view your changes.
  5. Check that the page displays correctly.
  6. If you are finished making changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button to save your changes and return to the page in View mode.
  7. If you want to continue editing without returning to View mode, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save & Edit button to save your changes and continue working.

The View and Edit Buttons at the Top of a Page